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Translation and Legalization of a Notary Deed

Translation and Legalization of a Notary Deed

Translation and legalization of a Notary Deed is a specific service, but not a rear occurrence. Translation from a licensed company in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Turkish from-to Bulgarian may be required in case of a bank loan, issuance of bank cards or other transactions in foreign banks, as well as prove of property status before institutions (for example when applying for Visa, citizenship, etc.), also for audits conducted by Bulgarian or foreign tax authorities.

Special features in the translation of a Notary Deed

Special attention should be paid to the details, when translating a Notary Deed. It’s a document consisting mostly of personal data, names, numbers, concisely written filling the whole page (one page usually equals to 2 standard pages (500 words). The translation of notary documents has specific terminology, which should be followed precisely in order to avoid any confusion or misleading.

Translation of a Notary deed – Quality

We pay special attention to the quality, when translating a Notary Deed, because we are fully aware to what unpleasant and costly consequences an innocent error can lead. Prevodi.BG is among the first companies in the Bulgarian market with integrated and certified quality management system of the translation services standard ISO1700. The annual audits prove full compliance with all processes, and in addition we monitor the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Time and price for translation of a Notary Deed

The time for the translation of a Notary Deed is one day (24 hours) normal job. We also offer rush job within the business day (1+ hours).

We translate Notary Deeds at the price of 0.04 euro per source word for English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and generally all the European language for normal order. Our express rate is 0.05 euro per source word. For more information on our rates, please see our full Pricelist.

Legalization of a Notary deed – requirements, time and price

For legalization of a Notary Deed with an Apostille (What is legalization and what is an Apostille), the document must be an original, bearing the Notary’s signature. The legalization is performed by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The time for legalization of a Notary Deed is 9 business days for normal order. We also offer quick and express legalization, respectively 7 and 5 business days.

The price for the legalization of a Notary Deed is 20 euro normal order, 30 euro for quick job and 40 euro for express service.

For any questions regarding translation and legalization of documents, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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