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Translation and Legalization of a Birth Certificate

Translation and Legalization of a Birth Certificate

Translation from/to Bulgarian and legalization of a Birth Certificate – this is one of the most frequently requested services. The legalized Birth Certificate produces legal effects on the territory of a foreign country (or on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria when it comes from a foreign country), for example when applying for a citizenship. Having in mind the number of migrating Bulgarians, this is not surprising at all.

In 2013 Bulgaria ratified The Convention on the Issue of Multilingual Extracts from Civil Status Records. Pursuant to this convention translation and legalization of a Birth Certificate should not be required by the participating countries. However, in most cases foreign institutions still require translation and legalization, as they are not familiar with this convention. As for the countries which are not members of the European Union, such as the USA, authorities do not accept this convention as valid. On the contrary, these countries require translation and legalization of a Birth Certificate with Apostille (learn more about legalization with Apostille). We at Prevodi.BG closely monitor the development of these documents in Europe to give you the most accurate information at any time, to save you money and bureaucracy problems.

Translation of a Birth Certificate – Time and Price

The Birth Certificate is a form with a standard text without any terminology. Therefore, the price for translation from/to English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and generally – most of the European languages, from/to Bulgarian is 4.50 Euro for a normal service of 24 hours. Also, we offer an express service for half an hour at a price of 6.80 Euro! For more information about prices for translation from/to Bulgarian, please see our translation rates.

Data are the most important thing when we are talking about the translation of a Birth Certificate. Often, translators make technical errors in the spelling of name, date, Personal Number, etc. In order to limit to zero such mistakes, we at Prevodi.BG integrated a triple check system, including translation, revision and a final revision made by different specialists, for our translation services. In this way we guarantee a correct translation, free of factual errors. However, we cannot guarantee that translations, made from our rivals, are with the same quality. So, we always advice our customers to read carefully their documents for errors in names, Personal Number, date of birth, etc. upon receiving.

What are the Requirements for Legalization of a Birth Certificate?

A Birth Certificate, as well as any other documents issued by municipalities, can be legalized only if it is a duplicate with a rectangular seal on the back where it is stated that the respective municipality verifies the authenticity of the signatures placed on the document. It is very important this rectangular seal to be placed at the back of the document. Otherwise, the Birth Certificate cannot be legalized. Often, our customers bring us their original Birth Certificates, issued many years ago and without the abovementioned seal for verification of the signatures.

If you need legalization of a Birth Certificate, you should visit the relevant municipality of residence and require issuance of a duplicate. Also, you should underline that this duplicate will be legalized. Then, the relevant officers will put this seal on the document. Otherwise, they will issue the duplicate without this seal.

What is the Price for Legalization of a Birth Certificate?

The legalization of a Birth Certificate with Apostille costs 23.00 Euro. The price is for our normal service for a period of 6 days. For those who are in a hurry, we offer a quick service at a price of 35.90 Euro for a period of 4 days, as well as an express service at a price of 51.30 Euro for a period of 2 days.

Reach us by phone or directly through the chat client on our website, and get answers for any questions related to the translation and legalization from/to Bulgarian of a Birth Certificate or any other documents.

With extensive experience in the translation and legalization services in Bulgaria 13+ years, we will save you money and headaches that arise from dealing with bureaucracy!

Last but not least, do not leave the translation and legalization of your Birth Certificate to the last minute – the sooner, the more money you will save! Call us now!

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