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Translation and Legalization of a Marriage Certificate

Translation and Legalization of a Marriage Certificate

Translation and legalization of a Marriage Certificate from/to English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and most European languages is usually required when applying for citizenship. You may need legalization of municipal certificates in other cases as well, such as when starting a job abroad, dealing with insurance institutions, notary publics, etc. In most cases legalization of the civil marriage certificate is not required, only a Bulgarian certified translation is what you need.

Translation of a Civil Marriage Certificate (Marriage Certificate) – Price and Time

The marriage certificate is a municipal certificate showing civil status and as such we put it in the lowest price range. Care should be taken to the spelling of names, dates, Personal No. and address. We at Prevodi.BG integrated the triple check procedures to guarantee 100% error free translation service.

The price for a translation of a Marriage Certificate (civil marriage certificate) from/to Bulgarian is 4.50 Euro for normal job (24 hours). We also offer express order for 6.80 Euro – one hour translation. For more information please see our translation rates.

Requirements for Legalization of a Marriage Certificate

To be legalized a Marriage Certificate it must be duplicate (not original!) and must have affixed rectangular seal on its back – verification of the signatures and seals placed on the document. If the marriage certificate does not meet these requirements the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the institution responsible for the legalization of municipal certificates) will refuse to accept it for legalization.

Price and Time for Legalization of a Marriage Certificate

The price for legalization of a marriage certificate (civil marriage certificate) with Apostille (read more about legalization) is 23.20 Euro for normal job - 6 days. We encourage all our clients to benefit from the full service – legalization with Apostille instead of legalization without Apostille, despite the higher price, because in many cases legalized documents without Apostille are not accepted abroad by the authorities.

We also offer fast and express service for legalization of a Marriage Certificate, respectively 35.90 Euro for four days and 50.80 Euro for two days. For more information see translation rates from/to Bulgarian.

Multilingual Certificates Convention

Bulgaria is a party to the Convention for Issuing of Multilingual Extracts from Civil Status Certificates, where the respective parties should not require legalization of such multilingual certificates. Multilingual certificates are already issued by the Bulgarian municipalities, but not accepted everywhere abroad. We at keep a close watch on the development of this case and will give you the most accurate up-to-date information to save you time and money.

With 13+ years of experience in the field of translation and legalization from/to Bulgarian, we will consult you in all matters related to the legalization of documents and will save you time and money. Call us now!

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