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English<>Bulgarian Translation of Tender Documentation

Participating in a call for tender, one has to consider translation of part or all of their documentation. All calls for tenders within Europe follow the strict requirements of the legislation – local or European depending on the Contracting Authority. Time is of essence since every participant has to prepare an adequate proposal with all the required documents – proof of company status, financial status, price offer, technical specification, etc.

Превод на тръжна документация - легализиране

Bulgarian Public Procurement Act

The tender documentation of Bulgarian government’s calls for tenders is usually in Bulgarian language and no translation in English is provided (tender documentation in English is not required by the Public Procurement Act). When a foreign company participates in such a tender procedure in Bulgaria, a translation of all requirements (tender documentation) is needed in order to prepare their proposal. Once the proposal is drafted it should be translated back from English to Bulgarian since the government accepts proposals in Bulgarian only.

Express English<>Bulgarian Translation of Tender Documentation

Prevodi.BG has 12+ years of experience with express English<>Bulgarian translation of tender documentation (call for tender). Prevodi.BG’s team of experienced project managers and translators and proofreaders always meet the deadline, and clients are able to prepare their tender offers on time.

Translation Rates

The translation rates when it comes to tender documentation depend on the time and the volume of the text. Prevodi.BG’s rates are the lowest on the market - EUR 0.05 per word for express English-Bulgarian translation!

Копирна техника при превод на тръжна документация

Delivery of Certified Translation

Since tender documentation is to be provided with certified translation, you will need the translation on paper, not only via e-mail. Prevodi.BG has operations in all major Bulgarian cities where most of the government institutions are located. You are welcomed to visit our office in Sofia (the Bulgarian capital), at 3 Bistrica St. Furthermore we will send you the certified translation to your address via a courier company.

Time is of essence when it comes to calls for tenders, contact us today and get a free translation quote!

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