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Medical Translation from-to Bulgarian by Prevodi.BG

When it comes to medical translation the following criteria should be met:

100% accurate medical translation – terminology consistency
fast translation (rush job)
low rates (compared to the average translation rates on the market).

Usually medical documents are translated from/to English and German from/to Bulgarian since most of the preferred hospitals are in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and Turkey (90% of Turkish hospitals accept English translation), although sometimes translation is needed from/to French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian and Turkish.

The Medical Translation service covers all documents concerning patient treatment (medical report, diagnosis, surveys, recipe, consultation, etc., and transfer of patients to other hospital for further treatment), pharmacy (translation from/to Bulgarian of drug leaflets, laboratory tests of new drugs, etc.), medical software (reporting systems, medical equipment localization, user manuals, etc.), dental equipment systems, medical reference literature, as well as general medical documentation.

Terminology and Accuracy of Medical Translation

Terminology is what makes medical translation as difficult as it is – no one can afford mistakes when it comes to forthcoming surgery, introducing doctors with the treatment so far, translation of medical reports, vaccination passed, allergies known, and other sensitive matters, related to patients’ health.

Medical Translation, образец на медицинско оборудване

When it comes to medical translation terminology accuracy and consistency is a must. Unlike financial translation where a mistake would result in additional expenses, terminology misuse in translation of an epicrisis could be fatal.

We at know how sensitive medical translations can be, and most of our clients need those documents translated for further treatment in abroad. That’s why we do our best for delivering 100% accurate medical translation. EN 15038 certified translation services and regular audits are a must. In addition we have integrated our state of the art triple check of every translation, thus ensuring we deliver what we promise. Every translator, proofreader and editor involved is a professional with extensive background in medical translation.

We use Consultants – recognized Medical Specialists

We analyze every medical document to be translated, and depending on the terminology used we consult with medical consultants – only leading specialists are used. At no extra charge for our clients! All additional costs are at the expenses of!

Експресни Medical Translation

Express Medical Translation

Medical translations are usually done because of patient transfer to another hospital for further treatment (medical treatment abroad). This means our clients need not only accurate but fast medical translation. We understand our clients’ needs and give priority to the express translationswithout compromising the overall quality. We are able to deliver translation from/to Bulgarian of an epicrisis (medical report) in 2-3 hours!

Medical Translation Rates

Translation rates for medical documentation are usually higher compared to the other industries, because of the difficulty and responsibility. Our translation rate is BGN 15.80 per page (1 page is equal to 1800 characters with spaces – about 250 words) or EUR 8.10 for normal job - 24 hours. Our rush job is usually delivered in 1-2 hours, at rate of BGN 22.20 per page (EUR 11.40). For further information please see our Bulgarian translation rates.

Compromise is not an option when it comes to medical translations – epicrises, reports, examinations, etc. We at Bulgarian translation company are aware that every mistake could result in serious consequences, and we use accurate terminology and consult with leading specialists.

We work only with medical translators – highly qualified specialists, with extensive knowledge in the respective field of medicine and proven professionals who always meet the deadline.

In order to achieve high quality in medical translation, we work with consultants in all fields of the medicine – practicing physicians, leading specialists! Quality is monitored throughout the project, thus ensuring all requirements are met!

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