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Translation and Legalization Services in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Finding a translation company in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is a difficult task... high rates, long terms and bad attitude is what you usually get. Translation company is about to change this – we provide professional translation and legalization services (Apostille) from-to Bulgarian, at low rates and very short terms – our normal job is 24 hours (rush translation is usually delivered in 1 hour)! Our staff is friendly and respectful, and will consult you for free on any matters concerning translation and legalization services. You always save money and time with us!

Last decade we witness economical growth in the district of Plovdiv, which becomes second largest industrial centre after the capital Sofia. Strategic location, infrastructure, and support by the city authorities is what makes Plovdiv very attractive to companies all over the world. The economic growth requires quality translation and legalization services.

Translation services in Plovdiv – rates

The translation rates in Plovdiv are comparable with those in Sofia and Varna. Yet there are companies offering twice the average prices. We at strive to provide quality translation and legalization to our clients (both individuals and companies) at low rates – our pricelist is published on our website. We always give a free quotation, and only after your confirmation, we deliver the service – you always know the exact price – no surprises, no additional fees!

Our normal job is 24 hours, and we usually deliver rush translations in 1 hour. Our rates for translation from<>to Bulgarian start from 4.50 euro per page (250 words) for normal job, the lowest on the market! Translation of company documentation (excl. specialized translation, e.g. financial, technical, medical, etc.) is 6.30 euro per page (0.03 euro per word).

Legalization services (Apostille) in Plovdiv

Having offices across Bulgaria, including the capital Sofia, offers the lowest rates for legalization services in Plovdiv. Your documents are safe with us – all papers are processed by our employees thus guaranteeing confidentiality and low rates. With our improved legalization processes you will save up to 50% of your money, and up to 5 days of your time.

Should you need legalization services, do not hesitate to contact us online or visit our offices (see map) and we will consult you for free! Our know-how is exactly what you need when it comes to legalization services in Bulgaria! is our trusted vendor


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