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Professional English - Bulgarian Translation Services

We have concentrated all our efforts on providing high quality English-Bulgarian translation services, and all major languages as well. We offer translation and interpretation in all fields. Please consider the following projects we have completed for our clients:

Technical Translation

Aviation  – translation of aviation documentation, requirements, safety, aviation operator certification, personnel qualification requirements, quality policies, translation of calls for construction and re-construction of runways and equipment, etc.

Railway – English – Bulgarian translation of delivery, installation, testing of railways and signaling and communication systems, including technical specification of all materials to be delivered, personnel qualification, technical requirements to the systems, manuals, etc.

Infrastructure – translation of calls for construction of roads and highways, execution of entire infrastructure projects, personnel qualification, safety requirement and materials specifications, etc.

Navigation – English – Bulgarian translation of documentation for logistics and shipping, documentation on repair of vessels, crew manning, agent contracts, etc.

Oil products – Bulgarian translation of technical documentation of an oil terminal, measurement systems, oil products, etc.

Electronics – translation of technical specifications, manuals, installation documentation, requirements, etc, installation and maintenance of central air conditioning systems, industrial UPS systems, manuals and exploitation of static commutator, generator control panels, etc. 

Energy – English – Bulgarian translation of the entire process of construction and maintenance of a power network, entire documentation of construction of a thermo-electric power station, wind power station (up to 3MW) of the world leaders in the area – translation of technical specifications and requirements, installation, maintenance and training, etc. 

Machinery – translation of documentation on production process, rules of procedure, requirements, safety procedures, ISO certification /related documentation/, standards in the area, equipment for production of ceramic items , construction of lime furnace, etc.

Chemistry – tests, brochures, chemical composition, translation of permits for use of chemical materials, etc. 

Pharmacy – English – Bulgarian translation of leaflets, drugs tests, cosmetics tests, ISO documentation on production processes of cosmetics, medical documentation, etc. 

Environment – translation of EU directives for protection of the environment, assessments on impact on the environment, ecology reports, analysis and assessment of all active and all closed dung-hills in Bulgaria, etc. 

Financial – translation of financial reports and audit reports of ministries and agencies, audit reports of companies - world leaders, double taxation prevention treaties, financial statements, calls for financial services, etc. 

Banking – English – Bulgarian translation/localization of banking platforms, general terms and conditions of bank institutions, leasing conditions, internal banking communication, training, service procedures, bank reports and financial statements, etc. 

Legal – translation of patent documentation, arbitration proceedings, agreements and regulations, documentation on criminal cases, contracts on calls, general terms and conditions, translation of frame contracts, etc. 

Advertising – translation of websites, brochures, directories, labels, spa procedures, hotel information, presentations, offers, promotions, etc. 

Medicine – English – Bulgarian translation of case history, medical tests, magnetic resonance, experimental treatment, medical documentation, etc.

Weapons – translation of documentation on import and export of weapons, licenses, regulations, etc. 

IT – translation/localization of banking platforms, calls for delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment for printing of identification documents, specifications and requirements, business management software, server solutions – configurations and virtual servers , translation of specifications, installation, maintenance, manuals, software for supervision and reporting of experimental treatment, call systems, etc.

Why Translation Company Prevodi.BG?

  • We work fast and always meet the deadline
  • Very low prices for translation from English to Bulgarian
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed by our quality management system EN15038 certified
  • We use CAT tools for accurate and consistent translation
  • Our clients are leaders on the world market

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