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We provide interpretation service from/to all languages by native speakers – experiences profesionals. Our translators have specialized in technical, economic, legal interpretation – both simultaneous and consecutive.

Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive interpretation is when a speaker talks a while and then waits for the interpreter to interprete. It is suitable for meetings, notarial certifications, visits to working sites, business meetings, etc. The price is per hour or negotiated individually according to the specific conditions of clients - time, terminology, number of interpreters, etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is when an interpeter is in a cabin and interpretes “in real time”. It is usually performed by two interpreters interpreting on a microphone and intereterd persons turn to the relevant channel.

Our range of equipment includes:
Digital infrared Bosch  interpreting systems – up to 32 channels set

  • оборудване за симултанен превод
  • Digital or analogue Bosch interpreting systems
  • микрофон за устен превод
  • Wireless microphones SHURE, Sennheiser, AKG
  • Mobile interpreting cabins certified under ISO 4043
  • Кабина за устни преводи
  • Wireless UHF interpreting systems 2 channels – 1 source language + target language /863-865 Hz/
  • Sound systems according to the number of the participants – JBL, DYNACORD, dB
  • We guarantee full service – we will provide, install, set and maintain the conference equipment for the event at competitive rates.

Конферентно оборудване

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