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Translation and Legalization Services from-to Bulgarian in Sofia

Sofia is the twelfth largest city in Europe, industrial, transport and administrative centre of Bulgaria, and respectively translation services from-to Bulgarian are needed. is a translation company located in Sofia, with offices across the country. We provide translation and legalization services both to individuals and companies. Sometimes you need certified translation – translation made by a sworn translator, having the stamp of a licensed translation agency.

Other times legalization with Apostille is what you need, i.e. in addition to certified translation the document has to be verified by the state authorities situated in Sofia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, etc.). Legalization is usually required when you submit the document to the Bulgarian authorities (e.g. marriage with a foreign citizen) or to foreign institutions (e.g. application for citizenship).

How to place your order for translation and legalization in Sofia?

For placing your order for translation and legalization, you have to visit our office in Sofia; should you need translation only, we encourage you to place the order online and receive the translation to your e-mail, thus save time. For placing orders online please use the Get a Quote form – we will give you our best offer in 60 minutes (usually in 30 minutes)!

Translation and legalization from-to Bulgarian in Sofia - rates offers the lowest prices for translation and legalization services from-to Bulgarian in Sofia. In the mean time we provide only high quality EN15038 certified translation services. Rates for translation from-to Bulgarian start from 4.50 euro per page (250 words) for normal job (24 hours), and 6.80 euro for rush job (1 hour). Legalization services start from 15.40 euro per document, delivered in one week. Please refer to our Translation Services Rates.

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