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Translation and Legalization of a Profit and Loss Account

Translation and Legalization of a Profit and Loss Account

Translation and legalization of a Profit and Loss Account from/to Bulgarian is necessary in many cases, for example if there are foreign partners in the management of the company, performance of audit by a foreign audit company, relations with foreign bank institutions, European projects, etc.

The Profit and Loss Account is prepared by the accountants/accountant companies, for the reporting year of the enterprise. In some of the cases these companies may provide their clients the reports, translated in English (or in Bulgarian).

Translation of a Profit and Loss Account – Terminology and Quality

Profit and Loss Accounts are financial documents, containing specific financial terminology. In order the document to be accurately translated, the translators and proofreaders/editors should have relevant education and experience in the field of finance. The numbers, accompanying translations like these, are also not inconsiderable. Particular care has to be taken here for the strict transfer of values in the translation, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Common mistake in the translation of Profit and Loss Accounts is “the translation” of numbers. While in Bulgarian language they are written with no division of the thousands with punctuation mark, in most languages this is compulsory, as of course, the correct punctuation marks must be used. In case of mistyped numbers, the values may be interpreted with huge differences.

We at Prevodi.BG have integrated a triple check procedure to guarantee the quality of the translation and the absence of misunderstandings of that delicate financial character. Our ISO 17100 quality processes of the financial translations, and our annual internal audits, provide consistent quality of the service.

Price and Time for Translation of a Profit and Loss Account

Due to the financial character and the applied terminology, the price for translation of Profit and Loss Account for regular order, in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and most of the European languages in general, is 8.10 Euro per page (250 words). Our regular order is for one day (24 hours), and we also offer express order – for several hours, depending on the volume of the account, in order to respond to your requirements, even if the deadline is shorter. For more information about prices and discounts, take a look at our Translation Rates.

Legalization of Profit and Loss Account – Responsible Institutions and Time

For legalizing of a Profit and Loss Account (What is legalization?) a notary verified copy of the document must be made. The document is translated (certified) and prepared for legalization. The responsible institutions for the verification of the translated account are the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, in particular – Consular Department.

The time for legalization with Apostille of a Profit and Loss Account is 9 business days for a regular order. We also offer express order, as in this case the terms shorten respectively with two and four days.

Price for Legalization of a Profit and Loss Account

The price for legalization of Profit and Loss Account is 20.50 Euro for a regular order, 29.50 Euro for fast order, and 40.50 Euro for express service. Here the golden rule applies – the earlier, the cheaper! You should not leave the legalization for the last minute – this is a process, related to a number of institutions, or in other words – bureaucracy! We will do the legalization with the Bulgarian authorities for you, saving you a lot of troubles, money and time.

If you need translation and legalization from/to Bulgarian of a Profit and Loss Account (or some other documents and certificates), we at will offer you the lowest prices and shortest terms on the market. Call us now and we will consult you free of charge!

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