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Translation and Legalization of a Power of Attorney

Translation and Legalization of a Power of Attorney

Translation and legalization of a Power of Attorney from/to Bulgarian (in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and most of the European languages) is among the most frequently submitted documents. delivers professional translation services, ISO 17100 certified, to both companies and individuals.

When is translation and legalization of a Power of Attorney required?

As regards to companies, the Power of Attorney is usually needed for representation of the legal entity in the country or abroad for business operations purposes – concluding contracts, representation in auctions, tender calls, registration with the authorities, legal proceedings, etc. Companies usually authorize their representatives with powers of attorney, limited by subject and/or duration. This requires the frequent use of translation and legalization agencies.

Natural persons, on the other hand, need translation of powers of attorney usually for settlement of personal issues with bank authorities, state institutions (for example insurers, taxation, customs authorities), as well as for representation in case of sale or purchase of real estates. However, translation and legalization of Power of Attorney is mostly made for visiting Turkey, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy with a leased vehicle which is a property of the leasing company.

Power of Attorney – translation from/to Bulgarian

The Power of Attorney should be translated from/to Bulgarian depending on the country, for which it is required. For the companies that will present their Power of Attorney within the European Union, for example for representation before business partners, translation in English is usually all they need (the language of trade). However, when it comes to representation in a tender procedure, you have to comply with the requirements of the Contracting Authority.

Regarding natural persons traveling in Europe, it is ok for the Power of Attorney to be with a certified translation in English (without legalization). When, however, it comes to Turkey, since the country is not a member of the European Union or European Economic Area, the translation in Turkish is mandatory.

Price and Time for Translation of a Power of Attorney

Translation of a Power of Attorney is a specific service and depending on the terminology used, can fall within second group (general documents – such as power of attorney for a vehicle) or third group documents (legal translations). Here, special attention must be paid for the selection of translators and editors, who will work on the project, on the basis of qualifications and experience with legal literature. We at Prevodi.BG implemented triple check of the translations so that we can guarantee 100% error-free translation service – sensitive topic when it comes to legal documents.

The price for translation of a Power of Attorney is 6.30 Euro per page (1 page = 1800 characters with spaces, or 250 words) VAT excl., normal job for 24 hours. We also offer express translation service at the price of 8.30 Euro per page - in one hour. For more information about the translation rates, please refer to our Pricelist.

What are the Requirements for Legalization of a Power of Attorney?

Legalization of a Power of Attorney in Bulgaria is performed by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular Consular Department. The document is required to be original and notary certified. Copies are not subject to legalization.

Price and Time for Legalization of a Power of Attorney

The price for legalization of a Power of Attorney with Apostille (Learn more about legalization with Apostille) is 20.50 Euro - normal job 9 days. We also offer fast legalization at the price of 29.50 Euro for 7 days, and express service at the price of 41.00 Euro for 5 days.

The most important thing for the legalization of powers of attorney is not to wait for the last minute – place your order at our offices as early as possible and save time and money. We at Prevodi.BG have 10+ years of experience with the Bulgarian institutions, and we will consult you free of charge. Call us now!

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