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Translation and Legalization of a Death Certificate

Translation and Legalization of a Death Certificate

Translation and legalization of a Death Certificate from/to Bulgarian is required in a number of cases, usually for submitting to the authorities. We at Translation Company will provide exactly what we promise - no more and no less!

A Death Certificate is issued in Bulgaria within 48 hours after the death notification announcement. The issuing institution is the Civil Registration Department of the relevant Municipality. Respectively the translation from-to Bulgarian of this document is rated as first group and lowest price as well.

In the translation of the Death Certificate there is no terminology, but standard phrases used in that kind of document. Translators and editors should devout specific attention to the data, where technical errors are usually made.

We at Prevodi.BG are fully aware of the delicacy of translating of Death Certificates, and in order to minimize the technical errors to none at all, we implemented the triple check process, each one performed by a different specialist. After being reviewed by three different colleagues (the fresh look makes a difference!), the percentage of the errors becomes zero!

Price for Translation of a Death Certificate

The price for translation of a Death Certificate from-to Bulgarian is 4.50 Euro for normal job – 24 hours, applicable for most European languages (incl. English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.). We also offer an express translation service - 30 minutes, at the price of 6.80 Euro!

Legalization of a Death Certificate – Requirments

In order to legalize a Death Certificate with an Apostille (What is legalization and what is an Apostille?), the document must be original, having signature and round seal placed on the front side, with also signature and rectangular seal on the back of the document.

Price for Legalization of a Death Certificate

The price for legalization of a Death Certificate with Apostille is 23.00 Euro - 6 business days for normal job. We also offer quick service at the price of 35.90 Euro (4 days), and rush service at the price of 50.80 Euro – 1-2 days. For more information about rates for legalization of a Death Certificate, please see our Translation and Legalization Rates.

Prevodi.BG has 10+ years of experience with the translation and legalization of documents (from-to Bulgarian) which guarantees an error-free process. We will consult you for all matters related to translation and legalization services free of charge!

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