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The translation of Certificate of Heirs is usually issued to serve before the authorities, bank institutions, for termination of companies, etc. not only in Bulgaria, but abroad as well. The language of the certified translation in most of the cases is English, German, Greek, Turkish, French, and Spanish - most European languages in general.

The legalization of Certificate of Heirs is usually required by the authorities in Bulgaria or abroad, depending on where the document is expected to produce legal effect. It is important to note that not every institution requires legalization and it is always good first to consult, in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Translation of Certificate of Heirs – Price

The price for translation of Certificate of Heirs from-to Bulgarian is 4.50 Euro per document for a normal job of 24 hours. Prevodi.BG offers express service (rush job) – translations are delivered in one hour at the price of 6.80 Euro per document. For more information about the rates of certified translation from-to Bulgarian, see Translation Rates.

Legalization of Certificate of Heirs - Requirements

The legalization of Certificate of Heirs is carried out at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document must be original, not a copy, it must bear a signature and a seal by the issuing municipality, as well as a rectangular seal (and signature) on the back side of the document.

NOTE: Without a rectangular seal on the back side (certifying the signatures on the document), the Certificate of Heirs cannot be legalized (with Apostille)!

Certificate of Heirs - Legalization Price

The price for legalization with Apostille included (What is legalization with Apostille?) of a Certificate of Heirs is 23 Euro in 6 days – normal job. Prevodi.BG offers fast legalization for 35.90 Euro in 3 days, as well as rush job for 51.30 Euro in 1 day.

We at Prevodi.BG have 10+ years of experience with translation and legalization of both Bulgarian and foreign documents, and we will get through this bureaucratic procedure for you, thus saving you time and money!

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